Friday, June 24, 2016

THE UNITED STATES BECAME A FOREIGN CORPORATION IN 1871. You are a SLAVE in held Prisoner for Collateral.

"Every day the amount of people learning that the “united states of America,” the representative Republic that it was, died when the Southern States abandoned Congress forever in 1861, is increasing.  

Along with the pain of finding that you’ve been steeped in lies throughout your entire education, there’s still plenty more to cry about as you start putting the pieces together.

Seriously, after this Article, you’ll feel the temptation to learn enough more to go slap your kids’ teachers and professors around until they promise to make some kind of change or resign.

Trust me, if we’re sending our kids to public school today, we’re not doing them any good.  Sorry for the harsh words, but when we find out that the schools are really indoctrinating our kids to be slaves, and stupid ones at that, yet we do it anyway, it’s time to rethink our philosophy.

When we fail to plan, we plan to fail.  How can we say our kids have great teachers while they’re teaching them bull$#!+ and lies?  That’s what we think when we don’t know the truth either!!  OUCH!!!  Today’s teachers are shoveling propaganda during an age of information with the real facts thumbing them in the eyes.

There are no excuses and there’s no reason to hear any.  If it comes from public schools, public agencies, public MEDIA, or public servants, it’s a stinking lie!  Even the term public means private if it’s connected to THE UNITED STATES.  

U.S. is a private, foreign, bankrupt Corporation in CITY OF LONDON, and we wonder why the Courts, Cops, and Banks are such despicable, inhumane pirates!?! 

They’re holding you as collateral for the DEBT, that they’re growing, and they’re doing the same to your kids, with your help, I might ad, so stop hitting the snooze button.  "

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