Friday, June 17, 2016


We have Just Witnessed Woman Being Freed All across the Land.

The CHURCH has been made to release the shackles of the Divine Feminine, this is HUGE. I am so joyful to finally witness this TRUTH widely known now, and spoken in such a Way.

We have Ascended and the Goddess, the Feminine Divine is now equal to the Masculine Divine. Mary was the first to witness, I have studied that my whole life, and yet she was never given that status by the controlling powers. Now she has.

The Jesus and the Lost Goddess Book and lot's of other Jesus Mysteries studies talked of this, whereby Mary was the first Apostle, the first to witness, yet her power and voice essentially taken by the Patriarch Church. Now the Feminine has Risen once again. Goddess Bless You All.

"“She is the witness to the risen Christ and announces the message of the Lord’s resurrection just like the rest of the Apostles,” he said, explaining that for this reason “it is right that the liturgical celebration of this woman should have the same rank of Feast as that given to the celebration of the Apostles in the General Roman Calendar.”

"Calling Mary Magdalene “an example and model for all women in the Church,” the archbishop said she had a special mission, to which the new rank of feast does justice.

The decree, dated June 3 and published in Latin, was signed by both Archbishop Roche and the congregation’s president, Cardinal Robert Sarah. It says Mary Magdalene can be seen as “the paradigm of the ministry of women in the Church.”

"St. Mary Magdalene, the archbishop said, “announces to the apostles what in turn they will announce to the whole world.”

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