Friday, June 17, 2016

The TRUTH has Risen. Women Now Recognized as the First Evangelizers

So many years of study on the TRUTH of Mary Magdalene, the Lost Goddess in History. And not the TRUTH is unveiled and the Goddess has Risen. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine on PAR as was always intended. No more Patriarch Society and Dark Secrets.  Equality has RISEN.

"Pope Francis has elevated Mary Magdalene’s saint’s day to a “major feast,” putting her on the same level liturgically as Christ’s apostles.  The pope wants Christians to consider Mary, who first told the apostles about Christ’s resurrection, as “a paradigm of the ministry of women in the church.”

"At Pope Francis’s request, the annual observance on the Catholic calendar of St. Mary Magdalene, referred by some as the “repentant sinner” or “the prostitute,” and also the one who first witnessed and proclaimed Jesus’ resurrection, has been made a major feast marking women as the first evangelizers."

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