Monday, December 8, 2014

State Of Washington Department Of Ecology Looks the Other Way while the Port Townsend Paper Mill POISONS Port Townsend Citizens. If you can READ then you can SEE that the TOXINS coming out of the PORT TOWNSEND PAPER MILL, You should NOT be BREATHING.

State Of Washington / Department Of Ecology is on my Blogs today. 

Who is it at the State Of Washington / Department Of Ecology that is protecting AMCOL, the Port Townsend Paper Mill to KNOWINGLY Poison Port Townsend Citizens?

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The Hospital Commission KNOWS, the Doctors KNOW, Jefferson County Public Health KNOWS, the State Of Washington / Department Of Ecology KNOWS, the EPA KNOWS, the City of Port Townsend Knows, and the Port Townsend Leader seems to Flat out LIE to protect the Mill. Why?

There seems to be a reason of JOBS. That is Bull folks, they NEED to Super Fund and get all Mill Workers health care and money NOW. AMCOL, Port Townsend Paper Corporation KNOWS full well the toxins that are coming out of that mill and harming the public and their workers. This is NOT about a Pay Check, the workers SHOULD be bought out, paid retirement and health care.

Look up the WR Grace Libby Montana cases. The Port Townsend Paper needs to SHUT DOWN NOW, it needs to Superfund and clean up this MASSIVE Toxic Mess. These companies know they are poisoning their workers and community and it's up to you to stand up to them because your local government is paid OFF to look the other way, as far as I see it.

They all know that the SLUDGE from the Pond is FULL OF Known Carcinogens, yet they ship it out to unsuspecting parties. Who knows where it goes, it could even end up as fill in play grounds or on Organic Farms.

They know that many people have to leave Port Townsend because their children or themselves CANNOT get well, and the Doctors flat out tell them it is the Port Townsend Paper Mill.

In a town full of socially conscious residents, an area of such wonderful Organic Farms, the State Of Washington/department Of Ecology and Jefferson County Officials allow the  AMCOL, Port Townsend Paper Mill to spew KNOWN toxins into the air EVERY SINGLE DAY. These go into the soil of Organic Farms, the lungs of children, the water ways, the soil and infiltrate every aspect of Port Townsend Life.

If you take a flashlight at night you can see the massive particles in the air from the AMCOL, Port Townsend Paper Mill. This is Poison and YOU are breathing it, eating it, Living it. And here in Port Townsend Washington they say get over it, it's the Smell of MONEY. Ya for AMCOL, who flat out lied on bankruptcy documents about known toxins, money for doctors and specialists as they try and cure people who end up leaving and BIG money for those taking alleged payoffs and subsidies to POISON you, your Organic Farms, your Children and affect your DAILY quality of Life.

Many, including myself, have experience severe chest pain and compression, headaches, throat issues, eye issues, immune issues, organ shut down, and other health problems due to the Port Townsend Paper Mill, yes I could leave Port Townsend and I may. However, for now the Great Spirit has handing me a Sword on this issues and I stand for those who cannot leave the area and are FORCED to breath Toxic air with total disregard for their human and civil rights.

Port Townsend is such a beautiful place and there are so many smart people here, yet the Good Ol' Boys and Gals club runs the show as with most towns, and this club gets subsidies and even pay offs according to the rumor mill and so there it is you get to breathe massive toxins daily and the EPA, the State Of Washington / Department Of Ecology, Jefferson County Public Health, Jefferson County Commissioners, and the City of Port Townsend DOES NOTHING to fight back or stand up for your rights to Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Soil.

They seem to ignore the issues as if it's invisible. They talk about car emission and other pollutants as if they are concerned yet look the other way, KNOWINGLY, on the biggest carcinogen in the county and that is without a doubt the Port Townsend Paper Mill.

The Port Townsend Leader even gave Roger Hagan some sort of column to, a PLATFORM to lull the community into falsehoods. The Port Townsend Leader should be charged with aiding and abetting a crime I say.  The City of Port Townsend is always stroking the Port Townsend Paper Mill, some give away, a boardwalk or some other gimmick to say HEY Port Townsend Citizens, it's ok that we are poisoning YOU. We will donate this boardwalk or this whatcha ma jig and it will all be ok. Ya, we know you are in pain and discomfort, getting sick, being forced out of town. We know that your kids are sick and you experience massive discomfort, illness and pain due to TOXINS and Carcinogens we knowingly put into the Air, Soil and Water but Hey we are paying your local boards and politicians off and buying things for the town so it's all GOOD. Sit back breath deep and relax.
Well that's how I see the story anyway, but that's just me.

I say SUE  AMCOL, Port Townsend Paper Mill. 

AMCOL is an out of State Company. File a Civil suit in Federal Court in Olympia. You do not need an attorney, Go Pro Se.  You don't have to go through the State nor the County because the Defendant is in another state. It is easy to file a lawsuit yourself. You can also file a DOJ complaint, civil rights complaints. Research the Clean Air and Clean Water acts.

SUE them ALL for knowingly harming you and your children.

THEY make Big Money, GET Huge Subsidies and ALL to POISON YOU, Knowingly

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