Friday, September 20, 2013

Crystal Cox Case. Free Speech Rights for Anti-Corruption Bloggers; One Blogger, the Laws and the Constitution DOES Not Apply. Crystal Cox is an Anti-Corruption Blogger and CORRUPTION Does NOT Like It.

Hate, Flat out Lies, Attorney Harassment, Human and Civil Rights Violations, Business Life and Reputation RUINED, Threats Constantly all legal, all NOT Defamation and ALL protected by judges, attorneys, and the powers that be.

A Lynch mob of attorneys, judges, bloggers, and more continue to lie about Crystal Cox, lie about her motives in reporting on the Summit 1031 Bankruptcy Case and continue to publish false and defamatory statements about blogger Crystal Cox and they are protected by law, where by Crystal Cox has no rights what so ever within the law,Why?

Because Crystal Cox is not just any blogger. Crystal Cox is a blogger that gets to the top of the search engines for those she is reporting on, and this brings in tips as well as gets top placement in new media.

Crystal Cox researches topics and people deeply, downloads documents, gets court transcripts and motions and digs deep into the case and publishes all that information.

Crystal Cox is an Anti-Corruption blogger and those involved in the business as usual don't like it, so they do everything they can to intimated, harass, sue, bully and ruin the life of this ONE Blogger, who the LAW and CONSTITUTION does not seem to apply to.

The courts seem to only apply the law to who they want to and the courts are run by attorneys, law firms who abuse the process, bully litigants into settling and charge a massive amount of money. This after they sue you, paint you out in media to be the bad guy and guilty and force you to settlements and deals that benefit them.

This is all outside of the Law and Constitutional Rights, however, the legal system is not about the Law, it is about what attorneys want to happen to benefit them. The facts are simply not used in most case.

The Obsidian v. Cox complaint contained no blog post, was for 10 Million Dollars, and extremely vague. And there had not even been a retraction request. Yet the case went to trial after a year of motions, and settlement offers, and the Plaintiff got a 2.5 million judgement and ruined the life of the person reporting on their actions in a VERY high profile Oregon bankruptcy Case.

Crystal Cox fights back and files counter complaints and other complaints, with pages of details, with exhibits and yet is stricken, thrown out, dismissed, and why? Because the courts want a vague and simple statement in your complaint, then they want the attorneys to battle it out over however many years, this is bad for consumers and the public at large and has nothing to do with law. You pay Judges to uphold the law, but what they really do is apply the law to who they see fit, and their opinion of you, your actions is LAW, even if its completely outside of law, facts and constitutional rights.

The attorneys and the law clerks do the work, find the case law and the judges simply throw in their opinion and there is a ruling. Pro Se litigants are discriminated against and the facts of the case are irrelevant. Judges protect attorneys and when there is more then one attorney, it is usually pushed for a settlement. Attorneys such as Marc Randazza use other attorneys, bloggers, legal publications, and other dirty tactics to force a settlement, this usually ends up in a large payment for the attorney. Randazza Legal Group has even been known to take a case Pro Bono then force the litigant to pay.

The system is broken, the laws are irrelevant and the attorneys run the show.

In the case of Tonkon Torp and lawyer David Aman, he plays dirty constantly. He lies about trying to contact a litigant, he files false statements, he uses depositions to violate the constitutional rights of litigants and attempt to set them up for crimes, he lies in declarations, he uses partial settlement offers to public accuse litigants of crimes, he takes private emails and distorts the facts to ruin the life of his target, he has secret meetings with judges and violates the rights of litigants, he bullies litigants and attempt to force them to lie about others and commit crimes to get out of a 10 million dollar lawsuit, all this and more and it's LEGAL because he is an Attorney with an Elite Oregon Law Firm, Tonkon Torp.

Anti-Corruption bloggers SHOULD be protected by the same laws as Traditional Journalists.

It is of vital importance that Anti-Corruption bloggers, whistle blowers, citizen journalists and those reporting the news online in new media are protected in our courts. We have a right to news from these sources if we choose to read it.

There was no Extortion in the Crystal Cox Case, there was simply big attorneys, law firms, politician and government employees in high places that did NOT want to be exposed for what they did. There was no extortion charges filed, no investigation, and there was no motive of extortion, no money given to Crystal Cox to remove content nor was this ever the intention when Crystal Cox was reporting for over 3 years on this Oregon bankruptcy to give voice to the victims of Kevin Padrick, court appointed bankruptcy trustee.

Even if you believe that Crystal Cox is a Criminal, does that mean that she deserves no due process, no criminal investigation, no criminal trial and simply a massive amount of big and small media, legal bloggers, financial bloggers and the public at large to convict her of a crime in the court of public opinion and big media, of which she has no legal platform of defense or due process what so ever?

And even if Crystal Cox had a criminal trial and was found guilty of criminal activity, does this mean that the First Amendment does not apply to the One Blogger exposing corrupt judges, lawyers, cops, ceo's, law firms, politicians and finance companies? If Crystal Cox is a Criminal then cannot she not also be a "Journalist" by law?

Most Anti-Corruption bloggers, whistle blowers, and citizen journalists who expose judges, lawyers, law firms, cops, political issues and other ethical and legal violations are SHUT DOWN immediately, their kids are taken, some are put in mental institutes, many are jailed, ALL are harassed, many lose their jobs and assets, they are sued and they are forced to SETTLE.

I, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox made a stand, the Best I Could, and Still Do, for all Anti-Corruption bloggers, whistle blowers, and citizen journalists.

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