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Declaration of Principles Governing the Reestablishment of the Government of the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii. ~ Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement

"To fully understand the legal rights and history of the Native Hawaiians now inhabiting the Hawaiian Archipelago you must read all the sections of this website.

The proposed Constitution lays out in detail the great injustices committed by the United States against the Kingdom of Hawaii and its people and sets out in detail the remedial actions which must be undertaken to restore the restore the Hawaiian peoples, legal rights under international law, protect and restore the rich Hawaiian culture and how the Hawaiian people themselves must determine their future relationship with the United States.

The Kingdom of Hawaii was invaded by the United States which is now but a "Military Occupier" of the nation of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The native Hawaiian people have not been subdued by the United States and never will be.There are but three ways that the United States may end its military occupation and incorporate the Hawaiian Archipelago and the native Hawaiian people into and as an integral part of the United States:

By a treaty of annexation with the government of the Kingdom approved by a 2/3 vote of the senators present and voting of the United States Senate. Twice Presidents of the United States entered into treaties of annexation with the U.S. puppet government, the Republic of Hawaii, and twice the United States Senate rejected these annexation treaties. The Republic of Hawaii no longer exists and has been replaced by the state of Hawaii government. The state of Hawaii is not a nation with which the United States may enter into treaties.

By majority vote of the Hawaiian people. This is the approach being promoted by the United States to the Hawaiian people, an attempt to relegate the native Hawaiian people to a "Native Tribe" status under U.S. law with its attending derogation of the people as if inferior to other U.S. citizens and needing the protection of the U.S. government.

By treaty with the government of the Kingdom of Hawaii. This is the only method acceptable to the vast majority of the Hawaiian people and requires that the Hawaiian people first restore the government of the Kingdom and is the method recognized by the United Nations resolutions as both appropriate and requiring the assistance of the U.S. government. The U.S. government fears the results of treaty negotiations with a restored government of the Kingdom and will not assist in restoration of the Kingdom's government.

The Hawaiian people must massively protest if annexation is once again proposed to the U.S. Congress. If a vote is called for by the U.S. the Hawaiian people must vote against it, not abstain from voting. In 2009 a serious effort was made to restore the government of the Kingdom under a new modern Constitution, set out on this website. That attempt failed, but must be renewed over and over again until, at last, the government of the Kingdom is restored.so that an honorable and fair treaty may be negotiated with the United States.
Declaration of Principles

The United States, by its unlawful invasion of our country, gained no rights or entitlements under international law, none, and gained no entitlements to pass on to others. Through the Spirit of Aloha we shall abstain from threat, intimidation and violence as we reestablish our national identity and our sovereign government.
The Kingdom of Hawaii exists as a sovereign nation. It lacks a legitimate government which we shall provide by establishing a revised Constitution, legislature and elected officials. We accept no formula of percentage of blood quantum as a way to determine the ethnicity of Native Hawaiians. We embrace ALL persons of Hawaiian ancestry. We will not rest until all of the forgotten ones taken from our families are found and reunited with their Hawaiian families and culture.

We shall never by policy, action, agreement or otherwise, permit Native Hawaiians to become a political minority in our own country. It is, however, our responsibility to understand the needs and rights of non-Hawaiians who live in our Nation so that to the maximum extent possible they may enjoy full participation in the political, economic, social and cultural life of our Nation.

The security and economic future of our Nation is irrevocably linked to the United States. On matters of national and international peace and security we must work hand in hand with the leadership of the United States. We must be firm that all private and public commercial relationships be fair, just and mutual.
We cannot and will not forget the brutal political, economic and cultural suppression of the Native Hawaiian people by the various groups, organizations and commercial interests supported by the United States. This is our history with all who live in our Islands. Our hope is that working with them we will together eradicate the injustices which continue to suppress the Native Hawaiian people.

The greatest challenge facing the Native Hawaiian people is to overcome our poverty and inadequate wages, to provide homes and better jobs and opportunities and to improve the quality of life of Native Hawaiians. Our new legislature must urgently address these needs. Only if all residents of our islands prosper will a real and permanent prosperity be possible for our people.

Land and business ownership obtained in good faith by non Hawaiian persons and business must be respected, while at the same time honoring prior ownership by Native Hawaiians, especially as relates to land ownership. A national policy of reconciliation and resolution must be quickly adopted and implemented by our new legislature to address the current land tenure system.

We look to the United States not for reparations but for financial assistance as our renewed sovereignty and governance proceeds and over 100 years of manifest injustice is undone.

Our relationships with the United States will be determined by government to government negotiations. Any special future political relationship with the United States will require the vote and approval of the Native Hawaiian people. We will not negotiate with the State of Hawai'i as it is but an illegal subordinate political part of the United States and has been and continues to be the primary agent of our suppression. It will take a year or more for our government to assume the responsibilities now undertaken by departments, offices and courts of the State of Hawai'i. Governmental services to all persons and businesses in Hawai'i must continue uninterrupted by the transition of governments.

We shall not fail. We commit ourselves, placing our trust in God, the wisdom of our Elders and with the assistance of all nations and persons of goodwill, to the restoration of our sovereign Nation and to the freedom and prosperity of our people and all inhabitants of our Nation."

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