Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And Don't FORGET, Mike South has Randazza Legal Group all over his sight. Randazza Legal Group's J. Malcom DeVoy is Stalker Sean Tompkins Attorney. Marc Randazza Shuts down massive Blogs that Expose his Unethical Corrupt Behavior. Monica Foster is TARGETED for Exposing them and NAMED by Marc Randazza in Nevada SLAPP suit Randazza v. Cox.

"Thoughts Over The Morning's Second Cup of Coffee: Rob Black Asks is Mike South the Architect of Destruction?

--Gene Ross
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For reasons known only to him Rob Black takes the time to address “keyboard warrior” comments on his show. I figure they’re going to write what they’re going to write regardless of facts so there's no such thing as setting the record straight.

Monday afternoon Black spent the last 15 minutes of his show addressing the fact that Monica Foster didn’t let out the information that Samantha Saint’s husband was an attorney.

Had you tuned into his show Friday, you would have heard Black and myself discussing the revelation made on Mike South’s site that Saint’s husband was a lawyer.

Black said he went to a “douchebag blog” owned by Mallcom. “I’m trying to figure out who the writer is because it annoys me.” Apparently that's where Black saw the comments about Foster.

Black also said he feels that Mike South should get more credit than what he’s been getting especially in the reporting on Saint’s husband.

“I feel Mike South doesn’t get the credit when he should get the credit.”

“I saw where Monica Foster everybody’s favorite religious freakazoid was a cunt and a whore because she divulged that poor Samantha Saint had a husband who was a lawyer and that Monica Foster divulged this personal information and she sent the information where he worked and who he was to The Rob Black Show and because of that she’s a piece of shit.”

“I don’t give a fuck what you little children did with your fucking Wiki bullshit that’s still up today and Donny Long’s going crazy. You retards did nothing.

“Monica Foster didn’t say nothing about the lawyer," Black went on to say.

"I didn’t know Samantha Saint had a big shot lawyer for a husband. That’s actually funny to all of us. Mike South is the one. He wrote an article where he sat there and said he had information from inside sources. 

“Monica Foster has done a lot of shitty things, I guess. I’m not part of the bullshit. But she did not divulge any information. Mike South brought up that Samantha Saint did a private and that she has a lawyer-husband. 

"I said this broad goes out with a lawyer? I said to my fans tell me who this fucking lawyer is. Within an hour Monica Foster hit me up that this is the guy. We started talking about it. Riddle me this, jerkoffs, how did Monica Foster do what she did when it was Mike South who told us about the lawyer and we all know that Samantha Saint is a scam artist?"

All Black wanted to know was if Saint’s husband Robert Hinckley Jr. was related to the “guy who shot Reagan.

“While he’s sitting at home litigating cases, I guess all the money he makes isn’t enough that his wife is a shakedown artist with a bunch of pimps. Robert B. Hinckley Jr., tell me you’re not related to the Hinckleys who put their son in a mental institution.

"Robert B. Hinckley Jr., I’m totally confused - do you not make enough where your wife has to be a hooker-shake down- scam artist because you're litigating nothing? I bring this up because jerkoffs want to give credit where credit is not due.

“Mike South, sometimes I wonder if he’s not the true architect of destroying this business. Mike South was like the ringleader of all these retards battling it out for retard supremacy. At the end of the day, nothing happened. The site’s [Porn Wikileaks] still up and the retards still run around.

“They attack her [Foster]. She attacks them. It’s fucking comical with all this shit. Our business is littered with old world order. I think Mike South is the ring leader of this inception of people that are just out there. 

"How a website can blame Monica Foster for causing all of this devastation to poor Miss Samantha Saint. Poor Samantha Saint was involved in a shakedown scam that fucked over a guy that was in charge of Miramax and Disney. Why does no one get that?

“But Monica Foster is a cunt because she talked about poor Samantha Saint’s husband. Mike South is part of the old order. He sat there and said this girl has a lawyer-husband, lawyer-husband, lawyer-husband. Go on her twitter page wow who’s this? It’s her husband.

About Jack Spade, Black said once a pimp, always pimp.

Noting that Spade appeared to be repped by attorney Clyde DeWitt, Black said DeWitt "is the original Gelbard-Fattorosi - he’s the original fucking lawyer fucking bullshit jerkoff who made millions off the business but never did anything in his life that amounted to anything involved in this business. Find me a case that he fought that involved Free Speech and he got people off from going to prison. Never happened.”

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