Saturday, January 17, 2015

Arumai Holdings, Inc is a Scam, Fraud, a Shill company by P. Stephen Lamont, who was part of STEALING the iViewit Technology. There is massive amounts of evidence yet Stephen Lamont has not yet been indicted nor brought to Justice.

Check out this Crock of Fraudulent Bullshit.

"Why should you join Arumai Holdings, Inc?

For more than 10 years, Arumai Holdings, Inc. has set the stage for the phenomenon known as Connected TV by driving the revolution forward with our video frame manipulation techniques, streaming video, and SoC designs better enabling generic and proprietary compression and content delivery platforms. Our world-renowed products are used by the world’s major studios and broadcasters and is prized for the superior video and audio quality it provides. Every day, media distribution systems back boned by Arumai deliver crystal clear video to millions of homes all over the world. Our innovative multimedia solutions let customers deliver content in any format, to any device — from handheld mobile devices, to tablets, to large 3D screens. IF FACEBOOK BRAGS ABOUT HAVING MORE THAN ONE BILLION USERS, ARUMAI HAS MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY BILLION USERS!

Recognized as the leader in delivering outstanding digital television when combined with generic and proprietary compression systems and services, Arumai is the industry pioneer with many firsts to its name, including enabling the roll-out of Connected TV. As the market leader in enabling professional-grade MPEG-2/4, H.264, H.265 compression and content processing, as pioneers of MPEG testing, Arumai will pursue active participation in digital television standards bodies, the first of which is its admittance as a voting member in the Advanced Television Systems Committee. Arumia has a long-term history of innovation that maintains our customers’ competitiveness through the rapidly changing media landscape."

Source of the this SHAM

the TRUTH will surface one day and the LIE will be washed away. AND David Colter, P. Stephen Lamont and all his Co-Conspirators will be INDICTED... oh I HOPE I PRAY !!!


Research the TRUTH about iViewit
which is NOT Arumai Holdings, Inc

To research more on the Eliot Bernstein, iViewit RICO
and the FLAT out LIES and Fraud of Stephen Lamont of Arumai Holdings, Inc

iViewit RICO Crime Chart

Full RICO Filing

iViewit Supreme Court Case

iViewit SEC Complaint

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