Monday, March 24, 2014

Crystal Cox Extortion; When did, and how did EXTORTION become part of the 10 Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed against Blogger Crystal Cox

Hearing Transcript Day Before Obsidian v. Cox Trial

David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm, Deposed Stephanie Studebaker DeYoung 3 YEARS before he Sued Blogger Crystal Cox. David Aman knew and knows that Crystal Cox never had actual malice, and in FACT was simply "reporting" the story that others were posting online, and had been for 3 years.

David Aman of Tonkon Torp is the Attorney for Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group. Who Crystal Cox alleged was part of the Summit Bankruptcy Corruption, as was other Tonkon Torp attorneys such as Leon Simson who was connected to Pamela Griffith, Department of Justice Trustee, and Steven Hedberg of Perkins Coie, who allegedly all worked at Miller Nash together and in other law firms over the years.

Here is the David Aman Deposes Whistleblower Stephanie DeYoung and asks about the "intentions" of Blogger Crystal Cox.

Eliot Bernstein Interviews Whistleblower Stephanie DeYoung
While Hospitalized against Her Will by her Husband Bret DeYoung.

Part One

Part Two


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